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    We deliver innovation, solutions and results

  • Heracles Consulting

    We are with our clients for the long haul
  • Heracles Consulting

    We respect the financial needs and sensitivities of our clients

    We believe that sustained collaboration and investment in human resources, along with the aid of tools, are essential for achieving long-term customer goals and obtaining the desired results

    Not just customers, but associates

    Our employees’ primary goal is to establish enduring, cooperative relationships with our clients. This allows us to better understand our client’s needs, enabling us to provide productive solutions as promptly as possible as well as continuous protection of their interests, allowing us to proactively prevent any issues that may arise during the business development process

    Fast and long-term results

    Merely providing legal guidance isn’t sufficient to reach the goals established at Heracles Consulting for our clients. Our goal is to address challenges comprehensively to meet customer demands. Each consultant, specializing in their respective fields, collaborates to attain comprehensive and beneficial outcomes tailored to meet individual client expectations and unique needs

    Fees are customized to meet the client's needs

    Our goal is to address customers’ needs by ensuring optimal protection for their activities. We consider everyone’s financial capabilities and customize the payment plan to better align with the customer’s requirements
    Real Estate Registration of properties Tax Law Migration Inheritance Law Corporate Law Tourism Employment law Employment law
    Real Estate Registration of properties Tax Law Migration Inheritance Law Corporate Law Tourism Employment law Employment law

    Areas of Expertise

    As a consulting firm providing diverse services to clients of varied profiles, we take pride in upholding the utmost professional standards. Our certified professionals, representing Heracles Consulting, are committed to delivering the highest quality to every individual or legal entity seeking our services

    Heracles Consulting provides comprehensive legal support and advice to clients involved in or considering property investments within the local market

    Our law office offers a wide range of civil law services, covering various legal aspects and needs starting from contractual relations

    The framework governing taxes and taxation in Albania undergoes frequent changes, posing challenges for both individual and business clients

    Albania has become appealing to foreigners seeking residence and employment. Heracles Consulting provides a range of immigration services

    Our legal team is experienced in handling inheritance matters in Albania for foreign nationals and Albanian expatriates, without requiring them to travel to Albania

    Our law firm provides guidance and support for the establishment and operation of commercial companies

    The tourism sector has emerged as a crucial component of the Albanian economy, with Albania increasingly becoming a global tourist destination

    Employment and social security laws undergo frequent and significant changes in Albania. A profound understanding of this intricate and continually evolving framework

    Translations and Certification of documents Our team includes certified translators proficient in Greek, Italian, and English

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    Legal professionals

    Our team comprises young and ambitious individuals, talented in various areas of legal practice, with lofty professional goals and excellent knowledge of both the National and International Markets


    The right legal strategy

    We aim to provide the right advice to create an effective legal strategy that aligns with the values and vision of our client's business


    Beyond national borders

    Collaborating with national and international experts from London, Greece, China, etc., is a key aspect of our work to continually enhance and achieve our goals


    A variety of practice areas

    Providing legal advice across various practices, we assist clients not only in addressing challenges but also in anticipating and preventing them

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